VRP in the Media
The following are articles featuring the Vancouver Rat Project:


The Globe and Mail

Nature on the Move - June 7, 2017


University of Guelph Campus news

Urban Rats - Does the City Environment Increase Potential Risks to Human Health? - March 13, 2017



Vancouver is rat central according to pest control company -December 16, 2016


CBC News

City of Vancouver interested in rat surveillance program -November 22, 2016



On the lookout for rats -November 18, 2016



The case for leaving city rats alone. A Vancouver study is showing us how pest control can backfire - July 28, 2016



Are NYC rats disease 'sponges'? Scientists want to track them to find out - July 14, 2016


Vancouver Sun

Would Miss Manners swear if she saw a rat? - June 28,2016


CBC The Current

Rising urban rat population pose health risk to humans, says researcher - June 14, 2016


Vancouver Magazine

Everything you didn't want to know about Vancouver's rats - May 25,2016


BC Business

Meet the folks fighting B.C.'s urban rat invasion - April 15, 2016


The Province

Rats a true health risk on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, homeless advocate says - January 27,2016


The Province

Rats a real risk to Metro Vancouver residents, UBC prof says - January 24, 2016


CBC News

CBC Radio interview on rat population risks to human health - January 14, 2016


CBC News

Rise in rat population a risk to human health says UBC study - January 14, 2016


CBC News

Why a cold winter won't slow Vancouver's booming rat population - January 5, 2016


Eurkea Science Community

"Rat Congestion" - July 20, 2015


CBC News (Early Edition Podcast)

"Rat infestations in Vancouver lead to call for political action - follow up." - November 14, 2014


The Province

"The Real Rats of Vancouver? Study looks to dispel myths of city's critters." - November 5, 2014


CBC News (+ Radio Clip - On the Coast)

"Rat infestations in Vancouver lead to call for political action." - November 3, 2014


The Georgia Straight

"Vancouver rat infestation raises health concerns." - October 15, 2014


Metro News

"Mystery bird feeder blamed for Vancouver rat infestation." - September 16, 2014


CBC News

"Rat problem grows at East Vancouver community garden." - September 16, 2014


CBC News (TV)

"Rats: What are the health risks to people?" Dr. C.G. Himsworth interviewed about rat-related health risks following a rat infestation at an East Vancouver community garden. - September 15, 2014


The Province

"City life's a rat race in Vancouver - and the rats may be winning." - September 9, 2014


BC Almanac (CBC, radio)

"Summer rat infestations." - August 6, 2014


Global Morning News (TV)

Dr. C. G. Himsworth interviewed about rats and rat-related health risks in "Rat Project Vancouver." - June 20, 2014


CBC On the Coast (Radio)

Dr. CG Himsworth interviewed about rats and rat-related health risks. - June 21, 2014


Metro News

"Rat poop in Downtown Eastside contains C. difficile" - January 15, 2014


The Globe and Mail

"Rats on the rise in BC cities" - December 5, 2013


Eureka Science Community

"The Rat Pack." - November 7, 2013


Global AM/BC (TV)

Vancouver Rat Project feature with Jill Krop - July 10, 2013


CKNW Morning Show (Radio)

Dr. CG Himsworth interviewed by John McComb - June 19, 2013


Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre Blog (

"Leptospirosis in urban rats - New findings from the Vancouver Rat Project." - June 27, 2013


The Ottawa Citizen

"The Vancouver Rat Project explained." - June 20, 2013


The Vancouver Sun

"Vancouver rats carry disease that can infect humans." - June 19, 2013


The Province

"Vancouverites might have to learn to live with rats as population scurries upward." - June 12, 2013


Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre Blog (

"Could Urban Ports Be a Site of Introduction for Foreign Rats and Their Diseases?" - June 3, 2013


The Western Producer

"Project to Examine Rat Ecology, Diseases, and Human Exposure." - May 17, 2013


Worms & Germs Blog, University of Guelph

"MRSP in Urban Rats." - December 24, 2012


The Capilano Courier

"The Rat King: Surrounded by urban wildlife, everything comes back to rodents." - November 6, 2012


The Star Phoenix

"Student studies diseases of wild urban rats." - November 5, 2012


WCVM Today

"Student studies diseases of wild urban rats." - November 6, 2012


Megaphone Street Paper

"Rats pack future Downtown Eastside condo site" - June 11, 2012


Global TV BC

"New light being shed on old rat problem" (VIDEO) - May 24, 2012


Global TV BC

"Downtown Eastside neighbors hold rat count on vacant lot" (VIDEO) - May 23, 2012


Vancouver Sun

"Vancouver's rat population growing, residents out to count" (VIDEO) - May 23, 2012


News 1130

"DTES neighbours want vacant lot cleaned up to stop rats: concerns over potential health risks" - May 23, 2012


24 Hours

"Rat problem is city-wide: DTES builder" - May 23, 2012



"Rat count on the Downtown Eastside" - May 22, 2012



Photo from DTES Rat Count on May 22, 2012


Pest Management Canada

Interview with Dr. Chelsea Himsworth